Application deadline

Eastern Partnership Business Forum in Riga

May 21, 2015


In order to follow-up the progress and find solutions for the upcoming issues of Eastern Partnership, bi-annually an Eastern Partnership Summit is organized with participation of the leaders of the EU and Eastern Partnership countries. A day before the Summit an Eastern Partnership Business Forum takes place gathering the political and business leaders of the EU, Eastern Partnership and other countries.

The previous two Business Forums and Summits have taken place in Warsaw and Vilnius; on 2015 they are going to be organized in Riga. The Business Forum is organized by the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia in cooperation with the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Latvia, the European Economic and Social Committee, European Investment Bank and other prominent partners.

Within the framework of the Business Forum clear and concise business recommendations will be prepared and presented for further development of the Eastern Partnership business dimension. The recommendations will be presented in the political Summit the day after. It is expected that the Summit will be visited by many international media representatives, thus the recommendations presented will reach both the decision makers and wider society.


What topics are to be covered in the Eastern Partnership Business Forum in Riga?

The Eastern Partnership Business Forum intends to discuss in detail the following topics:

  • the role of transport and logistics in cross-boarder business cooperation;
  • the banking industry and access to finance for business;
  • ICT for business development;
  • energy issues, including cost for business;
  • facilitation of cooperation among the EU, Eastern Partnership countries and other regions;
  • the role of employers’ organizations in business environment improvement and establishment of new contacts.

All thematic discussion panels will ensure balance between the EU and Eastern Partnership countries’ public sector, business organizations’ and individual businesses’ representation.

In case you are interested to become a participant of the Forum, please inform us via e-mail eu2015@lddk.lv.