National Tripartite Cooperation Council

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National Tripartite Cooperation Council (NTCC) is an institution working at national level of tripartite social dialogue, where the appointed representatives of Government, LDDK and Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia collaborate as social partners.

The aim of NTCC is to foster the cooperation of social partners at national level and to ensure an integrated way of dealing issues on socioeconomic development in compliance with the interests of whole society and state, that would guarantee social stability, increase of the level of well-being and economical growth in the country.

LDDK actively involves in work of National Tripartite Cooperation Council. It evaluates draft regulatory enactments and submits proposals concerning taxes, EU structural funds and other issues on economics, finance, employment rights, social security and social insurance.

As of 2006 the meetings of NTCC are called and steered by the President of Ministers, and a secretariat of NTCC is  working as a structure within the State Chancellery. Nevertheless, LDDK as social partner has the right to initiate a meeting of the Council.

The interests of Employers at NTCC are represented by:

President of LDDK – Vitalijs Gavrilovs

Vice-presidents of LDDK

  • Sanda Liepina – Association of Latvian Commercial Banks
  • Juris Gulbis – Ltd. Lattelecom
  • Uldis Bikis – Jsc. Latvijas Finieris
  • Vasilijs Melniks – Ltd. „Eiroholdings”
  • Edvins Berzins –   Ssc. Latvijas Dzelzceļš
  • Aiva Viksna – Ltd. Lietišķās Informācijas dienests
  • Ivars Strautiņš – Ltd. “Turība”

Director General of LDDK – Liga Mengelsone