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The Employers’ Confederation of Latvia is the only organization representing employers in dialogue with the Government of Latvia and trade unions. LDDK as a social partner at national level has set a goal to join in social dialogue at EU level representing the interests of Latvian enterprises and ensuring the implementation of the agreements signed by EU level social partners in Latvia.

Social dialogue is a pattern for balancing interests that ensures social stability in the country. It is an advisory mechanism with the Government, employers and trade unions as participating parties. In Europe social dialogue is considered to be an integral part of democratic state and one of the most important means of insuring stability and good relations in labor market.

Latvia should strive towards achieving the goal of employer and employee working side by side at corporate level, basing on the principle of partnership, not confrontation. Government should support the establishment of progressive employers who wish to motivate their employees, thus achieving the goals of entrepreneurship, and employees, who are aware of their opportunities and rights.

The development of social dialogue at the level of municipalities is a significant factor for ensuring a steady development of the regions and municipalities in Latvia, since successful cooperation of employees, employers and municipal institutions fosters a predictable development of business environment, that in its turn encourages the development of regional and municipal infrastructure.

The Employers’ Confederation of Latvia and Free Trade Union Federation of Latvia signed first General Agreement in 2004, one day before Latvia joined the EU. Taking into consideration intensive economic growth of Latvia and new challenges, both organizations agreed on priorities and common purposes for the future period.

It was decided to sign the new General Agreement at the beginning of 2007 that will serve as a basis for future cooperation, creating social dialogue on the national level between employers and employees and in negotiations with Saeima (Latvian Parliament), the Cabinet of Ministers and municipalities.

The new General Agreement meets the present-day challenges – promotion of quality of education and employment, settlement of migration issues, optimization of tax burden and decrease of public management costs.

National Tripartite Co-operation Council

The National Tripartite Co-operation Council is a national social dialogue institution involving delegated representatives of the Latvian government, the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia (LDDK), and the Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia (LBAS). Read more

Role of the social partners in the European Semester: