Labour law and safety at work

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The Employers’ Confederation of Latvia has implemented the European Union Structural Funds 2007-2013 programming period project “Practical Application of the Legislation Regarding Labor Relations and Work Safety in Sectors and Companies” (No. 1DP/

Project goals

  • Facilitating the practical implementation of legal labor relations and work safety regulations at enterprises.
  • Reducing the number of violations of legal labor relations and accidents in workplaces.
  • Facilitating socially responsible entrepreneurship, thus also reducing illegal employment.
  • Raising awareness among employers, employees, and general public and facilitating understanding of entities involved in labor relations about the labor relations, safety at work and occupational health.

Project activities

  • Established five consulting centres for employers in the regions of Latvia providing information to employers about legal labor relations and the practical application of normative acts related to safety at work.
  • Workplace safety risks were evaluated at 100,000 companies, and a plan of safety at work was prepared for each of those companies, with raising awareness of 100,000 employees about existing workplace risks, safe work techniques and a preventive culture at workplaces;
  • Conducted two studies about the results of assessment of workplaces risks, work conditions and risks in Latvia in general, as well as proposing recommendations for developing labor protection policy on improving working conditions (Work Conditions and Risks in Latvia, 2009-2010, 2012-2013 ;
  • Developed an electronic risk evaluation system for all sectors about safety at work and labor law, and it is available free of charge at;
  • The handbook “Work Safety at the Company: a Guide for Young Entrepreneurs” provides information about legal labor relations and safety at work issues that are necessary to know for persons launching their business;
  • Updated the Handbook for Employers and supplemented with a new chapter about work safety issues;
  • Developed an interactive computer game for young people on labour law and work safety, and it is available free of charge;
  • Developed a work norm methodology, and two pilot projects were implemented (one – in a manufacturing company, and the other – in a service industry enterprise);
  • Trained 100 managers and experts from employers’ organizations to raise their qualifications on work safety and labour law issues;
  • Organized 198 training events for employers in all five planning regions on work safety issues;
  • Implemented an awareness raising campaign “New Families” and “” to improve the understanding of employers, employees and the public at large about observing labour legal regulations.

Project targeted results

Decrease of number of violations of labor relations and labor market normative acts in the State Labour Inspectorate inspected companies compared to 2004 for 15%.